colorPicker Now Works for Adobe AIR 1.0

I had to make changes to the syntax of the AIR descriptor file (as well as a few CSS style changes) to configure colorPicker to compile and run in the production version of Adobe AIR, AIR 1.0.

As a result, if you download the newest version of the .zip file (which I renamed to "colorPicker1.0" to distinguish it from the original download file), you'll need to uninstall any beta versions of the AIR runtime and download and install AIR 1.0, available at

colorPicker works with AIR Beta 3

So of course Adobe releases AIR Beta 3 the day after colorPicker goes out (smile).

I installed Beta 3 on my machine and reinstalled and tested colorPicker, and it still works fine (no changes to how AIR copies content to the clipboard, apparently).

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